Staycation Deals in the US

You don't have to travel far to have a total escape. Sometimes, it's found in your own neighborhood. Discover simple staycations that will immediately transport you into "vacation mode" without leaving the city you call home.

Staycation Deals in the US

A staycation is when you get to be a tourist in your backyard. And in the US, each state has a unique story to tell. Get the same rest and relaxation you'd get from vacation, without the added stress of international flights or deciphering currency exchange rates. Here, we'll explore what 'staycation' means, how to plan one, and where to find the best staycation deals in the US.

What is a staycation?

What is a staycation? In the US, a staycation is just a clever way to say that you're spending your time-off at home. If you're taking a staycation, meaning you're on vacation nearby, how you fill your days is up to you! Staycations are less stressful, more affordable, and easy to enjoy with friends.

What type of staycation deals can I get?

Your favorite staycation destinations will largely be determined by where you live. Staycations by nature skip air travel, and some home explorers love to take this time to indulge in some much-needed pampering. Others spend their staycay crossing off items on their local bucket list and trying new things nearby. For the royal treatment, book a hotel-only staycation deal and be waited on hand and foot. For an epic weekend of camping, make it a car-only staycation. And to check out that nearby city with family or friends, book a car + hotel staycation. Long weekends make the perfect excuse for a 2-5-night stay in the US city of your choosing.

How do I find cheap staycation deals?

When taking a staycation, you'll want to find the cheap staycation deals available. To search for a 'staycation near me,'' type in your location and travel dates. We update these regularly, so be sure to check back often for the latest deals near you. One of the most popular destinations for a staycation in AZ is a staycation in Phoenix. You can find incredible deals on all Phoenix hotels and find the best place to call home on your staycay. If you're in the great state of Texas, consider a staycation in Dallas, where the beautiful hotels in Dallas will show you that southern hospitality.

How to plan a romantic staycation?

There's never a bad time for romance. And taking a romantic staycation has never been easier than with our customizable staycation deals, making it more affordable for you to spend one-on-one time. Plan a trip that will score major points with your sweetheart, whether you're booking in advance or on a whim. Staycation deals in your area are updated often, so keep this page bookmarked and whisk them away to that spot they've been wanting to try or to make new memories in the town that you love.

Why Expedia?

It's where all roads lead to home. At Expedia, we know that life in the big city can be tough, so we make it easy to spend your vacation time nearby. For a staycation in NYC, our New York Hotels will give you the taste of travel with the convenience of home. Our exclusive staycation deals are not only affordable but also rewarding, getting you more points back on every booking.

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