Arch of Peace (Arco della Pace)

On the edge of Milan’s sprawling Sempione Park is a stunning piece of 19th-century architecture, providing a picturesque backdrop to the park.

Milan’s largest urban park is home to one of the finest pieces of neoclassical architecture in the city. The Arch of Peace presents a stunning backdrop for revelers enjoying the sprawling Sempione Park and for architecture enthusiasts who come to admire its intricate designs.

The arch was built in the early 19th century under the guidance of Napoleon, although its location can be traced back to Roman times. It was built at the Porta Sempione, a former city gate that was once part of the Roman wall that surrounded Milan.

Approach the arch via the twisting paths of Sempione Park. The park is a mix of formal and wild gardens with lakes, trees and flowerbeds to discover. Approach the arch through the park for great photo opportunities, as the Arch of Peace is best seen in the context of the gardens. At 82 feet (25 meters) high and 79 feet (24 meters) wide, the arch is the dominant structure in the park.

As you get closer, notice the elaborate design on the face of the grand arch. Adorning its facade is a series of statues made from marble and bronze. See the depictions of important historical events, including the Battle of Leipzig and the Congress of Vienna. Statues of Apollo, Mars and Minerva are also visible on the arch. Look to the top of the arch to see its defining feature, a statue of the Chariot of Peace being led by six horses. It’s the work of Italian sculptor Abbondio Sangiorgio, whose work can be seen throughout the city, including at the Royal Palace.

The Arch of Peace is located at the entrance of Sempione Park, near the historic city center. It can be reached by metro or car. There is ample street parking in the area. There is no fee to visit the arch.

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