Armoury Chamber

Kremlin Armoury Museum featuring heritage architecture
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Visit one of Moscow’s oldest and most revered museums and discover more about Russian royal life and military history.

See extravagant royal clothing, lavish Fabergé eggs and unusual weapons at the grand Kremlin Armory Museum. This diverse and interesting collection has something for all interests, from swords and armor to dresses and treasured jewelry.

Find the museum inside the Grand Kremlin Palace’s network of buildings, in a mid-19th century structure designed by Konstantin Ton, the architect behind the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The museum originally housed the collections of the royals and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Before you begin exploring the collections, appreciate the intricate designs on the façade’s columns. Note how the stark white color of the columns perfectly complements the yellow walls.

Although the outside is beautiful, the real treasures are inside the museum. Enter Hall 1 to see stunning items of Russian gold and silverware, as well as religious art from Byzantium, Serbia and Georgia. Some exhibits contain objects from as far back as the 5th century, while others focus on more recent eras. All are fine examples of their particular epochs.

Visit Hall 3 to investigate the military exhibits. The items here originated from many countries of Europe and the Middle East, from Poland to Iran to Turkey. Here, find multiple examples of different weapons and armor to compare and contrast.

Don’t miss the museum’s amazing Fabergé egg collection. These ornamental eggs were once the preserve of the royal family. Ten of them are now displayed here. Marvel at the delicate Clock Egg and the Standard Yacht Egg, which contains a tiny and extremely delicate ship. The textile and clothing displays are also worth viewing. See what Catherine the Great wore for her coronation and the boots Peter the Great strode around in.

The Kremlin Amory Museum charges an entry fee and is open every day except Thursday. Arrive via the Borovitskaya or Alexandrovsky Sad metro stations.

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