Baby Beach

Calm waters and fine sands combine to make this spot a favorite destination for families.

Baby Beach is a shallow and sheltered lagoon that’s particularly popular among families. Its clean, glass-clear waters are shallow enough for wading and, as the inlet opens out to the Caribbean Sea, coral and tropical fish abound. Spend a day relaxing and sunning on the sandy expanse and playing in the gentle water.

Get to the beach early in the morning and try to secure one of the compliumentary huts dotted along the shore. If there are none available, look for spots under the trees, which can also provide much-needed shade from the strong Caribbean sun.

Although laying out in the sun all day is tempting, it’s worth venturing into the water for a swim. Note how shallow the water remains even as you step out further into the lagoon. This makes the beach particularly suited for families with younger children.

Rent snorkeling gear and head out into the bay for a peek into the underwater world. With the help of the mask and flippers, you’ll be able to see tropical fish gliding around amid the rainbow-colored coral. You might see barracuda, squid, blowfish and even eels slithering around the seabed. Be sure to stay inside the marked snorkeling zones, as currents can become dangerous outside of the lagoon.

Back on dry land, find a refreshment stand where you can purchase drinks. Look to the end of the beach to see the industrial silhouette of the Lago Refinery, which was at the center of the island’s oil industry for many decades.

Walk east from the beach and you’ll soon reach a pet cemetery, where locals have laid their beloved dogs and cats to rest. There are all kinds of homemade markers, headstones and crosses.

Baby Beach is located on the south of the island, about a 45-minute drive from the Palm Beach resort area. There is less development here and less tourist crowds, making it perfect for a quiet day out. The beach is not served by public buses so it’s best to use taxis or to drive.

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