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When choosing hotels in Billings, MT, many considerations spring to mind. Travelers wonder about which hotels have the best amenities, if there are any pet friendly hotels, which hotels are top choices for business, and what hotels offer closest proximity to all of the things to do in Billings.

Billings, MT hotels vary from lodges with local flavor to full-service resorts to familiar chains. Billings hotels cater to travelers of all types. Billings vacations are particularly suited for families who wish to spend their vacations in a quiet location surrounded by the wonders of unspoiled nature. Great deals can be found on accommodations with such amenities as pools, free breakfasts, and even indoor water parks on Expedia.

Business travelers might prefer to stay in hotels that are in close proximity to Billings Logan International Airport. offers more than 20 Billings, Montana hotels with business services like free internet access. Free shuttles to and from the airport are also easily found at most business-focused hotels in the area.

When seeking a hotel, Billings, MT has a number of options that are near restaurants and entertainment venues. However, many travelers who take flights to Billings prefer renting cars in order to explore locations that are further away. Those who book car rentals through can find themselves with easy access to such locations as Pictograph Cave, which is just south of the city, or Pompey's Pillar National Monument in Worden. Those who don't mind a longer drive can visit Little Bighorn National Monument, south of Hardin.

Of course, those who choose to stay in Billings can have a number of unforgettable experiences without leaving the city. The Yellowstone Art Museum is the largest art museum in Montana. The Western Heritage Center offers an up close history of the area that is fun for both kids and adults. ZooMontana, also in Billings, is close to many of the area hotels.