Bled Castle

Climb to the summit of one of the oldest castles in Slovenia for spectacular views of Lake Bled and the countryside.

Bled Castle is a magnificent 11th-century structure with large red-roofed turrets and a range of architectural styles. Initially conceived as a defense system, it contains a Romanesque tower and Gothic arches that were added in the late Middle Ages. Stroll through the impressive castle to appreciate its size and history.

Peruse the fortified central part of the castle, which was used as a residence for feudal lords. See the outer walls and buildings that housed the servants. Arrive at the 16th-century Gothic chapel in the courtyard. Its Baroque touches and illusion frescoes were added in the early 18th century. Examine paintings of the German King and Holy Roman Emperor Henry II and his wife Kunigunda.

Enter the Castle Printing Shop to learn about manual publication and printing techniques and see a reconstructed Gutenberg press. In the cellar beneath the shop, purchase a bottle of wine sealed with wax. Peruse the museum in the upper courtyard to understand the history of Bled. The museum’s rooms contain old furniture and other relics that bring past eras to life.

Visit the castle forge for its collection of impressive iron artworks. The summer months feature events, such as archery tournaments and Medieval Days when guides dressed as knights present the castle to visitors.

The castle stands on a clifftop 425 feet (130 meters) above the lake. Capture photos of the panoramic view of Lake Bled, its small island and the green countryside beneath the Julian Alps.

Dine at the majestic setting of the castle restaurant. There is a fee to enter the castle, with discounts for children. The castle opens daily from morning until late in the evening, with earlier closing times in winter.

Bled Castle is on the cliffs of the northeastern shore of Lake Bled, just north of the Castle Bathing Area and Grajska Plaza, which has several restaurants and cafés. Nearby attractions include the Church of Sv Marika Bozja on Bled Island and the Veslaška Promenade.

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