Bleik Beach

Enjoy coastal walks, join a puffin-spotting cruise and see the spectacular northern lights at this beach on the island of Andøy.

Bleik Beach curves gently around a picturesque bay set toward the northern tip of the island of Andoy. It is a great place for tranquil walks, photography, wildlife spotting and getting lost in your own thoughts amid the majestic beauty of Norway’s Artic Circle.

The pretty stretch of white sand is one of Norway’s longest beaches. Kick off your shoes in the summer months, feel the sand run between your toes and paddle by the seashore. Brave visitors might want to take a swim in the chilly water. Look out to sea at the triangle-shaped island of Bleiksøya, which is home to colonies of puffins. Behind you, the green slopes of Mount Røyken provide another pleasant vista. This is also a good spot for watching the midnight sun.

In the winter months, snowfall almost always covers the sand and creates a picturesque image of sparkling white. At this time of the year, the beach is a great vantage point for watching the enchanting northern lights. Sightings of this unique spectacle are usual, although not guaranteed, between September and March.

Go to the nearby marina to see a collection of colorful fishing vessels. From June to August you can join boat trips to Bleiksøya to view its thousands of puffins. Other bird species that you may see are cormorants, razorbills and white-tailed eagles. During your short voyage try and spot migrating whales, which are in the area from May to September. Deep-sea fishing trips can also be arranged from the marina. Haul in such species as cod and haddock and have them cooked on board.

Situated in the fishing village of Bleik, Bleik Beach is about a 15-minute drive from Andenes, which is the main town on the island of Andoy. The village is a popular stop on the Andøya National Tourist Route, a 36-mile (58-kilometer) long coastal road between Andenes and Bjørnskinn. After your visit to the beach, stop by the village, home to a café, pub and camping grounds.

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