Blue Lagoon

Soak away your aches, get a massage treatment and swim in the milky blue waters of this mineral-rich geothermal pool sculpted by lava in Grindavik.

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal seawater pool complex surrounded by the rugged lava and green hills of Grindavik. Relax in a spacious outdoor spa, taking in the dramatic landscape and breathing fresh ocean air. Ease any tensions, cleanse your skin and rejuvenate your senses with the Blue Lagoon’s warm, soothing and mineral-rich water.

Start your visit to the Blue Lagoon with a soak in the large outdoor spa, which is fed by water heated 6,500 feet (2,000 meters) underground. Make your way along the black lava rocks and immerse yourself in the pale blue waters. Silica, algae and minerals in the water help to soothe your muscles and revitalize your skin and hair.

Swim around the 100 F (38 C) pool to find massage jets, wooden benches and a lava-rock cave. Lie on a mattress or a bench and receive a massage or a special silica treatment in the water. Try a mineral facial treatment that uses serums and lotions from the Blue Lagoon’s skincare product range or head to the man-made waterfall cascading from one end of the pool. Alternate between soaking in the water and visiting the steam room and sauna for a rejuvenating experience.

Have a cold beer or smoothie at the poolside juice and cocktail bar and dine at the on-site restaurant or café. Find your favorite areas to sunbathe and relax on warm days. If it is cool, use a bathrobe as you move between the lagoon’s amenities.

Pre-bookings are required as admission to the Blue Lagoon and special treatments are limited. Reach the Blue Lagoon with a 20-minute drive from Keflavik International Airport or within 50 minutes from Reykjavík. Park in the large on-site parking lot. Alternatively, make use of the regular bus transfers between these destinations.

The Blue Lagoon’s hotel is within a 10-minute walk of the pools and has its own private bathing lagoon. Find additional accommodations in Reykjavík and throughout the Southern Peninsula. Enjoy the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon, one of the best places to enjoy views of Iceland’s snow-capped mountains and rugged lava fields.

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