Bronx Zoo

Watch gorillas bathing and sea lions feeding at this extensive animal park, which brings the great wild to central New York. 

Delve into the intriguing lives of animals at the Bronx Zoo, one of the world’s largest urban animal parks. This exciting spot features rides, sideshows and animals in naturalistic landscapes for an unforgettable family outing.

The Bronx Zoo was founded in the 19th century and featured just over 800 animals and 22 exhibits. Today, the zoo has grown to over 6,000 animals living happily in spacious enclosures in 265 acres (107 hectares) inside Bronx Park.

Begin your wild experience at the African Plains exhibit, which features lions and herds of zebras and gazelles. Close by is the Baboon Reserve, where monkey families leap from rock to rock. Complete the African exploration at the “Madagascar!” exhibit, where you’ll see bushy-tailed lemurs and Nile crocodiles.

Watch feathery excitement at the World of Birds, an indoor walk-through aviary populated by colorful winged species. Aquatic birds and birds of prey can also be seen at separate nearby enclosures. Wander the World of Reptiles exhibit to see anacondas, turtles and poisonous frogs.

Take a ride on the Bug Carousel, which has seats themed on insect species throughout the globe. Afterward, experience the magical flutter of the Butterfly Garden, which features over 1,000 multi-colored insects. Take the kids to see friendly anteaters, sloths and goats at the Children’s Zoo.

Learn the story of Earth’s ice ages at the zoo’s 4-D movie theater, which enhances the experience with snow showers, mist and scents. Next door, watch sophisticated animal interactions at the Congo Gorilla Forest.

Ride on the Wild Asia Monorail through a 40-acre (16-hectare) enclosure that recreates Asian wallows and pastures. Look for tigers and rhinos among the trees. Afterwards, stop at the penguin and sea lion enclosures to watch their excitement during feeding time.

The Bronx Zoo is located on Southern Boulevard in New York’s Bronx Borough. Get here by bus or subway from the city. Eat at the Dancing Crane Café or several other dining spots. The park is open daily and charges admission.

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