Brussels Park

Stroll the avenue between the Royal Palace and Belgian Parliament to discover the beauty of one of the largest parks in Brussels.

Brussels Park is one of the largest areas of green space in the city, occupying over 13 hectares (32 acres). It was once the property of the first rulers of Brussels. Today the sprawling parklands in the city center are of upmost importance to the people of the city. Go for a morning jog in this popular spot, which is the location of a number of the city’s biggest events. 

Brussels Park was the site of the 1830 riots that started the Belgian revolution. It’s flanked by some of the most notable buildings in Belgian history and politics. Visit the park to discover the architecture and history of the area or just to escape the cobblestones and pavement of the city’s streets.

Stroll the symmetrical path systems that wind through the park to see the statues, fountains and bandstands that are typical of its design. The park is perfectly rectangular with a neoclassicist style favored by its creators. Rows of lime trees provide shade around the park’s edge. Follow the main avenue to reach its centerpiece, a grand pond. From here, view the Palace of Justice and the Royal Palace.

To the north of the park is the Belgian Parliament, with the Royal Palace at its southern end. Walk through the park between your visits to these two important buildings. This path lets you walk past the United States Embassy in the process.

Throughout summer the park hosts outdoor festivals, concerts and parties. See a puppet show in the shade of its oldest trees, a great activity for families with young children. The Theatre Royal du Parc, located in the northeast corner, has a regular program throughout the year. Around midday the park fills with local workers who come to jog or eat lunch. Great people-watching can occur around the central pond.

Brussels Park is located in the heart of Brussels and can be reached by car or metro. Paid street parking is available in the area. The park is open daily and has no fee. Check the Brussels City website for details of events.

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