Bucharest Botanical Garden

Escape the crowds and explore a picturesque garden, which has colorful flower displays, tree-lined paths and a museum of botanical history.

The Bucharest Botanical Garden (Grădina Botanică) is a great place to relax amid the peaceful confines of nature. Spot thousands of native and exotic plants and varied wildlife. Enjoy a picnic and play sports on the vast lawns or see exhibits of botanical artifacts at the garden’s museum. Established in 1860 on the grounds of Cotroceni Palace, the Bucharest Botanical Garden opened at its present location in 1891.

Tour the garden’s imposing 19th-century greenhouses to discover interesting displays of plants from Romania and around the world. They are grouped according to their geographical region and have informational signs in English. Among the many species are cacti and carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap.

Stroll along the garden’s paths to expansive floral gardens, micro-forests and woodland. Find plants from the Mediterranean to the Carpathian Mountains of Central and Eastern Europe. Watch for playful squirrels as well as ducks and turtles, which swim around a large pond.

Do as local residents do and bring a picnic to enjoy on the garden’s open lawns. Even on busy days you’ll find enough space to seek out a quiet area. Time your visit to coincide with cultural events. ShortsUp is a series of open-air short movie screenings during the summer.

Don’t miss the Botanical Museum (Muzeum Botanice), housed in a striking Brâncovenesc-style building. Learn about plants of economic, industrial and pharmaceutical importance. Check out examples of botanical research equipment and artistic objects made using natural materials.

Located in the Cotroceni neighborhood, the garden is a 15-minute drive from Bucharest’s city center. Use public buses or the metro to access to the garden. The nearest metro station is Politechnica, a 10-minute walk away.

The Bucharest Botanical Garden is open daily and has an admission fee. The greenhouses and museum have an additional fee. The greenhouses are open on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The museum is open from Saturday to Thursday. Purchase a map of the garden at the entrance for a small fee.

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