Budatín Castle

Within the walls of this prominent Žilina landmark is a delightful mix of exhibitions that cover local history and traditional Slovakian crafts.

Budatín Castle's distinctive white stone façade and round towers make it one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. Inside is a fascinating museum dedicated to the history of the castle and the cultural heritage of Žilina.

Before your tour of the museum’s exhibits, look over the exterior. Construction originally began in the 13th century, but the castle has undergone numerous reconstructions since then and features a mix of Baroque, neoclassical and Renaissance designs.

Head inside the castle to see the exhibitions of the Považské Museum. Visit the permanent exhibition on the castle’s long history.

Inspect examples of wire tinkering, a unique Slovakian craftwork. It was originally used for practical purposes, such as creating household implements, but has since become an established folk art. Examine tools, wires and documents related to the process. The exhibition contains hundreds of examples of wire work, including animals, human figures and fantasy creatures.

The castle enjoys a wonderful setting at the point where the Váh and Kysuca rivers meet. So, after your castle visit, amble through the adjacent Zámocký Park, which leads down to the rivers.

Budatín Castle is located in the suburb of Budatín and can be reached via local bus services. If you decide to walk from the main train station of Žilina, the journey should take you just under an hour. The museum is open every day except Mondays and public holidays. There is an admission charge, with discounts for students, pensioners and disabled people. Children under 6 years of age enter for free. The park is open daily and is free to enter.

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