Cachorro Beach

Swim in the glorious rock pool of this picturesque stretch of sand that lies beneath a historic fort and a church.

A stone pool and a freshwater source make Cachorro Beach an attractive option on a sunny day. Its name, Portuguese for “dog,” pays tribute to a bronze fountain with the face of a canine that once stood here. Admire the spectacular views of the rocky hills and giant trees that enclose this sheltered bay.

Swim inside the perimeter of rocks in the scenic Buraco do Galego stone pool, which fills with seawater from the beach below. Jump into the rounded pool of water from the rocky formation surrounding it. Capture photos of the impressive feat of nature and enjoy the shelter provided by the rock formation.

Gaze up at the enormous mossy cliffs that dwarf the vacationers below. Play with your kids in the calm, blue-green seawater. The bay is fairly clean and secluded, lying between two peaks.

Note that Cachorro is among the few beaches on the island where you can rent deck chairs and umbrellas. Watch the sun go down in the evening, when performers put on shows on the sand. Fairs and markets with handicrafts take place here.

The area was once used as a shipyard where fishermen salted fish. As such, it is nicknamed the “Saltery.” Climb up to see Remédios Fort and gaze down on the scenic beach from the cliff tops. Stroll through this pleasant space and look for a colonial church with a white-and-yellow façade.

Enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants and bars nearby. The bay contains a natural source of freshwater and a shower with a fantastic view.

The beach remains open at all times and is free to enter. Rent snorkeling gear or boards for stand-up paddleboarding.

Cachorro Beach lies directly beneath Remédios Fort and St. Anne’s Park on the northern part of the island. Find it in the Vila dos Remédios neighborhood just 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) northeast of Fernando do Noronha Airport. Take a bus to one of the stops beside the beach or stay at one of the nearby posadas.

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