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Mercado Carlos Roberto Huembes
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Devote a few hours to exploring this vast marketplace, filled with thousands of stalls selling food, furniture and traditional arts and crafts.

Haggle for traditional Nicaraguan crafts and furniture, eat tasty local specialties or simply soak up the lively atmosphere of the Mercado Carlos Roberto Huembes.

Known locally as simply El Huembes, this vast marketplace is one of the largest in Nicaragua. The name comes from Carlos Roberto Huembes, a famous revolutionary figure in the 1970s. According to some estimates, the market can host as many as 10,000 small businesses and shops, although the number varies each day. Here you can buy everything from clothing and electronics to DVDs and jewelry.

Browse the craft shops for a traditional Nicaraguan hammock. They are made from thick cotton and are one of Nicaragua’s most famous products. Other popular goods that make interesting souvenirs include handmade rocking chairs, embroidered clothing and baskets made from pine needles. If you want to buy smaller items, search for stalls selling hand-crafted wooden toys or ceramics.

Mercado Carlos Roberto Huembes also attracts many talented artists. See paintings, clay sculptures, wood carvings and artwork made from shells.

When it is time for something to eat, head to the superb array of food stores. Buy hot, local food such as vigoron, a spicy pork dish with yucca and cabbage salad. To drink, try semilla de jicaro, made from rice, spices and jicaro seeds. You can also buy fresh fruit and vegetables for extremely reasonable prices.

Although prices are usually cheaper than you will find in high street shops, don’t be afraid to haggle to get the best deal. It is expected. Also, when you see something you like, shop around for a better price, because the cost of similar items varies widely between stalls.

Mercado Carlos Roberto Huembes is located close to many of Managua’s main hotels and is a short taxi ride from the center of town. The market is also by the Terminal de Autobuses Mercado Roberto Huembes from where many buses depart on routes serving the south of the country.

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