Castelvecchio Museum

Spend the day exploring this former castle, which has been home to one of Verona’s most extensive art collections. It also has displays of archeological finds and weapons.

The Castelvecchio Museum is one of the most prominent art galleries in Verona. It is housed in an enormous castle that was once the grand residence of Verona’s rulers during the Middle Ages. Admire the building’s architecture and head inside to discover famous works of art.

The building has suffered throughout its turbulent history, which saw it desecrated first by the Venetians, then Napoleon and finally by bombings during World War II. The design of the castle today was the result of a restoration project that began in 1957. The esteemed Italian architect Carlo Scarpa was given the difficult task of converting the castle into a home for some of Italy’s great masterpieces. 

Today, the renovated Castelvecchio Museum is an architectural marvel that sees enormous glass sheets and exposed metal complementing the original medieval stonework. For many visitors to the museum, its inspired design is the star attraction. However, behind its doors lie some of the most recognizable Renaissance and medieval artworks in Italy. 

Wander through the extensive collection and see notable works. Admire paintings of the Madonna by Pisanello, Stefano da Verona, Gentile Bellini and Girolamo dai Libri. Climb the Scarpa-designed staircase to reach a collection of Romanesque sculptures. A 12th-century bas-relief entitled Sepulchre of the Saints Sergius and Bacchus is among the highlights, along with a grand equestrian statue. 

Discover relics and important historical artifacts from the 14th century that help piece together Verona’s past. Displays include vases, knives and statues from the medieval era, many of which belonged to the noble Della Scala family who built the castle.

Venture outside for a relaxing stroll in the castle grounds. From here, you can photograph Scarpa’s architecture from the best vantage point, with the city of Verona painting a backdrop behind it.

The Castelvecchio Museum is located in central Verona and can be reached on foot or by bus from all central locations. Some free parking is available in the streets surrounding the museum. An admission fee applies. The museum is open every day but is closed on Monday mornings and the morning of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

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