Chedworth Roman Villa

Roman-British history comes to life at the bathhouses, mosaics and museum of this ancient villa set in the picturesque Cotswold countryside.

Visit one of England’s biggest and most resplendent examples of a Roman villa at Chedworth Roman Villa. It showcases the craftsmanship, lifestyle and traditions of Great Britain’s Roman ancestors. Established in the 2nd century, Chedworth Roman Villa reached its peak during the 4th century, when it was home to some of England’s richest Romans. Unearthed in 1864, the villa is a protected National Trust heritage site nestled within the glorious landscapes of the Cotswold region.

Follow trails around these well-preserved ruins to see how the Romans lived and discover novel inventions that they introduced to the country. From suspended walkways, marvel at meticulously created mosaics. Glance inside the villa’s bathhouses and check out the hypocaust, a Roman-designed underground heating system.

Go to the water shrine, where the villa’s residents and visitors made offerings to Nymphaeum, the goddess of spring. Continue this centuries-old tradition today by tossing a coin into the shrine and making a wish.

As you explore the villa you’ll get the chance to meet and chat with costumed actors. Hear stories about mythical Roman medicine. During Craft Week, watch cloth-dying, spinning and weaving demonstrations. Learn the rules of antique board and dice games and then challenge a friend. Children can have fun dressing up as characters from a bygone era.

Visit the museum to see displays of artifacts found in the villa’s grounds. Spot a range of items, from jewelry to coins, statuettes and weaponry. Be part of year-round activities such as mosaic-making workshops and Roman markets.

Combine your visit with walking scenic routes leading from the villa into breathtaking countryside and woodland. Enjoy picnics on lush green fields or dine at the on-site café.

Located in the village of Yanworth, Chedworth Roman Villa is a 25-minute drive southeast from Cheltenham town center. The easiest way to get here is by rented car. Use the available free parking.

Chedworth Roman Villa  is open from early February to late November and charges admission. Join a free guided tour or purchase the low-cost interactive audio guide. Ask at the reception area for maps of the villa’s trails and nearby walks.

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