Crane Beach

When a single photograph tempts visitors to come to Barbados, it is often the beautiful view of this stunning beach.

Crane beach is a stretch of powdery sand formed by pink coral that was pulverized and washed up over time. Although the area is on the east side of the island, which is normally full of thundering waves, Crane Beach has towering cliffs on each end of the beach and a coral reef in the ocean that provide protection from powerful Atlantic Ocean waves.

Walk along the soft beach, swim in protected shallows or bring a boogie board to enjoy the gentle waves. There is a lifeguard on duty. As at all beaches, watch for the red flag indicating conditions have become dangerous.

This beach is often rated as the best in Barbados, and one of the top beaches of the world. Honeymooners enjoy the peaceful and romantic setting of the Crane Resort, which has been situated on the top of the 50-foot (15-meter) cliff since 1887. Sunrises here are phenomenal.

If you’re not staying at the Crane, pay a fee (usable for resort purchases) to take the stairs or glass-fronted elevator to the top of the cliff to understand the resort’s appeal. You’ll immediately notice the many outdoor pools and Jacuzzi. Some of the individual rooms have private pools as well, many with infinity edges giving the perspective of being in an endless ocean.

Enjoy the view of beach and ocean, walk through the gardens and admire the Grand Jeté statue of British ballet dancer David Wall, sculpted by Enzo Plazotta in 1981. Be sure to have shirt and shoes to enjoy drinks on the verandah of Bar 1887. Make a reservation to return in the evening dressed “elegantly” to enjoy sushi or Thai food at the restaurant.

Interestingly, the beach gets its name not from a seabird, but from a crane used for loading and unloading boats when the area was used as a commercial harbor.

The beach is 15 minutes from the airport and 30 from Bridgetown. Limited public beach parking is available on a one-lane alley. Public access requires a climb and hopping on rocks to get to the beach.

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