Dadonghai Beach

Enjoy the tropical atmosphere at Sanya’s favourite beach, complete with adventure tours, barbequed street food, upscale restaurants and mountain views.

Dadonghai Beach is a scenic tropical getaway in the Hainan Province. The crescent-shaped beach features white sand and clear waters and is lined with palm trees, food vendors and souvenir stalls. Relax on the soft sand or swim and scuba dive in the warm waters. Enjoy a trip on a yacht or stroll along the beach to shopping areas and parks offering stunning ocean views.

You’ll find Dagonghai Beach at the southern end of Sanya. Walk along the beach to take in views of the sparkling South China Sea, bordered by Mount Tuziwei on one side and Mount Luhuitou on the other. Small beach huts line parts of the beach with lounge chairs beneath the shade. Chairs are available for hire or can be enjoyed for free at certain seafront bars and restaurants. Pick a spot on the beach, soak up some sunshine and enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere.

If you want to try some sports or adventure activities, walk to the small square on the beachfront where you’ll find companies offering scuba diving, snorkeling, speedboat tours, yacht rides, fishing trips and underwater photography sessions. Shop at the various shopping centers along the promenade. Enjoy a refreshing drink from a freshly cracked coconut or follow your nose to stall selling traditional barbecued street food. If you’re looking for more comfort and choice, there is no shortage of bars and restaurants to choose from. 

Join a Tai Chi class near the beach or stroll eastwards along the shoreline to reach Seashore Park. Walk up the park’s small hill to enjoy stunning views of the beach, the mountains and the Sanya high-rise buildings.

Dadonghai Beach is only a 10-minute taxi ride from downtown Sanya. Local buses operate in the area and special sightseeing buses also pass by Dadonghai Beach. Entry to the beach is free.

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