Desperate Dan Statue

Spot the bronze likeness of a much-loved comic character strutting through his home city of Dundee when you visit City Square.

Wander through Dundee’s spacious City Square and you’ll share the sidewalk with the Desperate Dan Statue, a large bronze sculpture of the well-known British comic character. Hailing from The Dandy comics published by D.C. Thomson, Desperate Dan is a burly outlaw who always has his faithful companion Dawg in tow. Visit Desperate Dan and Dawg and get a photograph with the two comical characters.

Desperate Dan has become a household name in the United Kingdom since his introduction in The Dandy in 1937. The character is a lovable outlaw with inhuman strength and a penchant for “cow pies,” that is, meat pies that are the size of a cow. Imagine Desperate Dan, able to lift a cow with one hand and shave his beard with a blowtorch. He has a kind spirit and regularly helps the underdog in The Dandy comic strips.

Find the 8-foot (2.5-meter) bronze statue and pose for a photograph with Dan and Dawg. Erected on the High Street section of the square in 2001, the statue is a prominent feature in the city center and represents generations of comic-book humor in the United Kingdom. Look for another cartoon character, Minnie the Minx from The Beano comics, lurking elsewhere in the square.

The statue and City Square are available to visit at any time of the day with no entry fee. Reach the area by local bus or on foot. Dundee’s main train station is less than a 5-minute walk away.

Be sure to add a visit to the bronze sculpture to your walking tour of central Dundee. Check out the gorgeous concert halls, relaxing sidewalk cafés and local events in the square. The McManus Galleries, St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral and St. Mary’s Church are all within easy walking distance. Relax in City Square next to the Desperate Dan Statue after a day shopping on High Street and Nethergate or visit him on the way back to the city center from the waterfront and Discovery Point.

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