El Castillo Museum

Feel like you are in 18th-century Europe at this mock-gothic homage to a rustic French château with a well-kept garden and panoramic views of the city.

El Castillo Museum is a tranquil and scenic refuge that takes you away from city life. Attend the site to learn about its cultural and historical significance, and stay to enjoy the resplendent views of the city and the tranquil ambience in the well-groomed gardens. The castle was home to an aristocrat who lived there for half a century before donating it as a museum.

Take a tour of the majestic castle and its nine rooms. Learn about the members of the bourgeois family. Each room has been left as it was when the castle was vacated. Browse photos of the family members. Examine their artifacts, which consist of expensive jewelry and gifts from international ambassadors. There is an extensive spoon collection. Walk around the spacious library and inspect the books on the shelves. Examine French, Italian and Spanish works of art around the house.

The castle sits atop a hill in the affluent Poblado district of Medellin. Enjoy the panoramic vista of the city and its dramatic mountain backdrop from one of the castle’s many balconies. Take a stroll around the well-presented gardens. There are steps leading from the castle down to a fountain in the middle of the garden. Enjoy the view of the castle’s façade from the grounds. With its playful red spirals, it is reminiscent of the Disney Castle.

Spot wildlife such as parrots and squirrels among the trees and arrays of colorful flowers. Make the most of the silence and emptiness. Medellin’s weather remains warm and pleasant year-round, so there is no busy season. Enjoy a picnic on the grounds or get a biscuit and some fresh fruit juice from the café in the grounds.

The castle was built in 1930. It belonged to a Spanish aristocrat called Diego Echavarría Misas.

You can find the castle in the Poblado area to the south of the city center. It is the main hub of the city’s nightlife, so there are many bars, restaurants and hotels. While here, visit trendy coffee shops and book markets in pedestrianized areas. Take the subway to Poblado Station, followed by a 10-minute cab ride to the castle. You can find cabs in the street at all times.

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