Downtown Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth
Fort Worth Water Gardens which includes a fountain as well as a small group of people
Embrace the unique atmosphere where the Old West meets the modern day and explore a Texan city filled with culture, history and entertainment.

Downtown Fort Worth is the heart of a buzzing city, with streets thrumming with people, energy and entertainment. Get swept up in the proud Western atmosphere, where old brick streets and 19th-century architecture stand alongside modern skyscrapers.

Sundance Square Plaza marks the focal point for Downtown Fort Worth. Start your explorations here in the historic quarter where a 35-block shopping and entertainment district booms day and night. Discover beautifully restored buildings, modern glass-fronted skyscrapers and numerous stores, restaurants, museums, galleries and performance venues.

Find a seat under an umbrella in one of the outdoor cafés and watch the crowds before heading to the excellent Sid Richardson Museum. The museum showcases works by famous artists of the American West.

Think of John Wayne and Jack Palance as you learn more about the great cattle drives of the 19th century. More than 10 million head of cattle once thundered through the streets when this was part of the Chisolm Trail.

For something more sedate and utterly modern, head to the Fort Worth Water Gardens. The huge park encompasses modern architecture, impressive water features and lots of spaces for contemplation.

Downtown Fort Worth’s parks are a delightful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Rest for a while in pretty Burnett Park. Hyde Park is famous for its sleeping panther fountain.

One thing not to miss is the JFK Tribute in General Worth Square. The statue by Lawrence Ludtke marks the spot where Kennedy made an impromptu speech to an audience of thousands who stood waiting for him in the pouring rain.

When the hot Texan sun sets, downtown springs to life. Enjoy a show at the Bass Performance Hall¸ where vast limestone angels watch over productions of classical music, opera and ballet. Relax for an evening in a jazz club, tavern or honky-tonk-inspired saloon.

The international airport of Dallas-Fort Worth is a major transportation hub just a 20-minute drive from the heart of Downtown Fort Worth.

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