Gediminas Tower

Find the birthplace of the city of Vilnius within the foundations of this medieval castle tower, which has a museum and stunning hilltop views.

Gediminas Tower is a remnant of the ancient fortifications of Vilnius’ Upper Castle. Perched high above Old Town on top of Castle Hill, the tower is named for Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania who made Vilnius the capital of his reign in the early 1300s. Today, the tower houses a branch of the National Museum of Lithuania. View an exhibit dedicated to Vilnius Castle and the city’s fascinating medieval period and climb to a viewing platform on top of the tower to see panoramic views of historic Vilnius.

The iconic fortification of Gediminas Tower presides over Old Town’s cityscape, high up the grassy banks of Castle Hill. Check out the red-brick castle foundations, which were built on top of the original wooden construction. These brick remnants date back to the early 1400s; however, much of the tower was rebuilt and restored. Enter the tower to find an exhibit detailing the fortification’s timeline throughout the centuries. You’ll see reconstruction models, defensive artifacts and archaeological findings.

Climb up to the upper floor of Gediminas Tower to reach the observation deck. From this scenic vantage point at the peak of Castle Hill, enjoy a stunning panorama of Old Town and the outer reaches of Vilnius city. Spot historic landmarks, such as Vilnius Cathedral, the National Museum of Lithuania and ancient buildings skirting the River Neris.

Ask about the legend of Grand Duke Gediminas choosing this spot after he was visited by an omen. Gediminas saw an iron wolf howling on this hilltop in his dreams after hunting in the woods of the Šventaragio Valley. The omen indicated a great city should be built on the site and Gediminas obeyed.

Reach the tower by a 15-minute walk from Cathedral Square. Alternatively, ascend via the quick and scenic funicular railway connecting Gediminas Tower to the main site of the National Museum of Lithuania.

Gediminas Tower is open daily and there is an admission fee. Visit for free with a Vilnius City Card. The ticket for the funicular railway is separate.

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