Genipabu Beach

Storm up and down the steep sand dunes and meander around the palm trees on a rented buggy on this picturesque beach.

Genipabu Beach is known for its lagoon and otherworldly realm of temple-like sand dunes. Among the most iconic and scenic beaches in the Natal area, it has many family activities. Appreciate the picturesque scenery of lush vegetation mixed with the hills of white sand and the sparkling blue tints of the ocean.

Try the local sport of esquibunda, which consists of sliding down the sandy hills on a body board. The natural sandy slides often end in the fresh water of the lagoon, offering cool relief under the hot sun. Ride a dromedary camel along this long sandy haven for an unforgettable experience.

Take a buggy ride with a driver for a spectacular view of the ocean and the green vegetation surrounding the beach. Request a smooth journey or a thrilling race over the sand dunes. These tours, which pass lagoons, juice stands and zip-line rides, are led by drivers certified by the local tourist authority.

Go surfing or kite surfing to take advantage of windy days. Note that the sand dunes are constantly rearranging themselves around the beach due to high winds. This creates a fascinating, moving landscape. Return several months later to be greeted by a new landscape.

Sunbathe or relax with a book in the shade of a swaying palm tree. Swim in the warm and clear water of the ocean.

Visit the Natal Aquarium near the southern end of the beach. Stay at one of the many posadas in the area. The beach contains a few bars and restaurants that add to the lively ambiance in the evening.

Access the beach for free. Prices for buggy and camel rides will vary. Find Genipabu Beach on the northern side of the Potengi River in the northern outskirts of Natal. It covers the eastern flank of the built-up area of Extremoz, which has hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

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