Giant's Causeway

This dramatic rock formation was created by volcanic activity millions of years ago; however, the locals might tell you otherwise.

Giant’s Causeway is one of the premier natural history attractions in Northern Ireland. Discover the rock formations, take in the views from the cliffs, go bird-watching, or enjoy a picnic.

Giant’s Causeway is a unique landscape of about 40,000 basalt columns that rose from the earth along what is now the coast of Northern Ireland. This an internationally recognized World Heritage Site.

The rock formation is the product of volcanic activity that occurred 50-60 million years ago. However, Irish legend has it that the mighty Finn MacCool, a giant from the area, built the causeway to fight an enemy.

Find the natural rock formations that the locals saw as signs of the Giant, including the Wishing Chair, the Organ and the Giant’s Boot. Climb over the ancient pillars; the columns are tessellated so it’s easy to walk across their tops.

Enjoy breathtaking views and see if you can identify some local sea birds. Cormorants, petrels and the razorbills circle the shoreline in search of fish. The autumn season is seal breeding season, so scan the shores to spot those shy sea mammals.

The area is also home to many rare plants, making Giant’s Causeway a great destination for nature lovers. Enjoy a picnic lunch in the fresh coastal air in this picturesque setting.

Stop by the Visitor Centre to learn about the history of the area, the legends and the native flora and fauna of Northern Ireland.

Giant’s Causeway is accessible every day of the year. It’s located just outside of Bushmills, near the northern coast of Northern Ireland. Drive the 62 miles (100 kilometers) from Belfast, or take the shuttle bus from Bushmills. There is free parking, but you have to pay to visit the actual site.

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