Givskud Zoo

Explore this safari park by bus or from the comfort of your car, and experience some of the world’s rarest creatures and Europe's largest lion pride.  

The expansive park is dived into driving and walking precincts, and there is ample parking throughout the park when it’s time to explore on foot. If you don’t have a vehicle, the zoo runs regular bus safaris throughout the day. These are both entertaining and informative, and many who drive, also take the bus tour to deepen their knowledge of the parks 70 species, a third of which are endangered in the wild. 

The park features elephants, lions, rhinos, bison, pigmy hippos and a gorilla family. Don’t miss the Giant Otters of South America. These huge mammals of the weasel family have been known also as water dogs and are endangered due to hunting for their pelts. You can watch these fascinating creatures being fed fish daily. Check feeding times for different animals on your entry into the zoo so you can plan your day around these exciting up close encounters.

Don’t forget to have a lunch break while the animals are eating theirs. Select from dishes from around the world at the ZoOasis Restaurant’s buffet, grab a burger at the Safari Grill, or bring your own picnic lunch to cook on the barbecues.

Givskud Zoo is a great day out for children. At the North American Teepee Camp youngsters can pan for gold and bake their own delicious bonfire bread. After visiting the chimpanzee enclosure they can test their own skills on the Chimp Trail, before climbing aboard the Safari Trail where parents and children can hand feed the domesticated goats, alpacas, donkeys and yak who flock towards the train. Whatever energy they have left they can burn off on the trampolines, climbing towers and swings of the hi-tech playground.

With expansive habitats and more than 700 animals to enjoy it’s wise to set aside a day to fully explore zoo. CD audio guides are available which you can play while driving through the park. Tickets to the zoo are moderately priced, with Safari Train and Bus tours costing just a little extra. The zoo opens at 10am and closes at different times depending on the season, staying open as late as 8pm during the summer. 

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