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Visit this central Mexican state to relax in thermal pools, explore rugged mountains, marvel at intricate stone statues and take in the colorful art in Pachuca.

Hidalgo comprises forested mountains, rivers and waterfalls. History abounds, so visit the state’s archaeological sites, old mining towns and museums after exploring its natural attractions.

Located just north of Mexico City, Hidalgo is an inland state. Start off in its mountainous capital, Pachuca, also known as “the Beautiful Windy City.” Hear the Monumental Clock chime, Mexico’s answer to London’s Big Ben. Take in El Macromural de Pachuca, a hilltop barrio turned into a giant artwork, and admire the 7-million piece mosaic in David Ben-Gurion Park. For an insight into the state's silver mining history, visit the Historic Archive and Museum of Mining.

Take a daytrip to Real del Monte in the mountains above Pachuca. Like the capital, “El Real” was heavily influenced by Cornish miners from 1825 onwards. Many found their final resting place in the Panteón Inglés. Visit the world's first pasty museum, the Museo del Paste, and taste this typical Cornish treat with Mexican spices and sauces.

As one of Mexico’s Pueblo Mágicos, Huasca de Ocampo is rich in history, culture, legends, and architecture. Explore its charming historic city center and sample authentic Mexican gastronomy. Marvel at the volcanic rock stacks and waterfalls that form the town’s Los Prismas Basálticos and see the sculpture-like Peña Del Aire.

Head to the Mezquital Valley, with its cacti and mesquite trees. Visit the 16th-century Catedral de San José in Tula de Allende. At the Tula Archaeological Site, the legendary capital of the Toltec empire, climb a pyramid to admire the towering statues. In the heart of the valley sits the town of Ixmiquilpan. View the Otomí mythology frescos in the Church of San Miguel Archangel and the Diana Fountain in the main square. Take a relaxing dip in the thermal pools of La Gloria Tolantongo Aquatic Park.

Temperatures vary in Hidalgo’s northern lowlands, central sierras and southern highland plateau, making the state a year-round vacation destination. With beautiful haciendas for your accommodations, warm thermal baths and home-cooked Mexican-Cornish cuisine, you will have a heartwarming stay in Hidalgo.

Popular cities in Hidalgo

Pachuca which includes a city and a sunset
Known for Luxury, Monuments and Zoo
Admire this lofty city’s giant artworks and iconic clock tower, discover its Cornish heritage and find out why this region is called the Cradle of Mexican Football.

Reasons to visit

  • Monumental Clock of Pachuca
  • El Rehilete Museum
  • David Ben Gurion Park
Tula Archaeological Site
Tula de Allende
Known for Ruins, Historical and Cathedrals
Understand the lasting influence of the ancient Toltec civilization while visiting relics and museums at this city in southwestern Hidalgo.

Reasons to visit

  • Tula Archaeological Site
  • Tula National Park
Prismas Basalticos Waterfall
San Miguel Regla
Known for Nature and Natural parks
San Miguel Regla awaits: its natural setting and more!

Reasons to visit

  • Prismas Basalticos Waterfall
Known for Theme parks
Escape to Tecozautla! Enjoy its theme park.
Known for Theme parks and Natural parks
Love theme parks and parks? Get away to Cardonal!
Known for Theme parks, Natural parks and Monuments
Experience the theme park, parks, and monuments in Ixmiquilpan!