Iguaçu Falls

Marvel at the natural beauty and ferocity of this collection of waterfalls that thunder in a dramatic river gorge between Brazil and Argentina.

Straddling a horseshoe-shaped gorge of the Iguazu River, Iguaçu Falls are simultaneously picturesque, ferocious and humbling. Shared between Brazil and Argentina, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of nature’s finest spectacles. Little can prepare you for the experience of standing face-to-face with 275 thundering waterfalls or riding on a speedboat beneath their cascading waters.

Iguaçu Falls is the main attraction of Parque Nacional do Iguaçu. Catch the bus from the park’s visitor center to the Path of the Falls, a boardwalk trail affording panoramic views of the front of the falls. Observation decks at varying levels provide spots to take postcard-perfect photos. Marvel as the rushing water creates clouds of mist and the sun’s rays form rainbows. The end of the trail presents uninterrupted views of the 262-foot-tall (80-meter) Devil’s Throat, the most impressive waterfall.

Feel the full force of the falls onboard a speedboat as skilled helmsmen take you under the tumbling water. You’ll finish the ride soaking wet, so be sure to protect your camera and valuable items. For relaxed and dry viewing, find a seat at the various cafés, picnic areas and food court.

If you have enough time it’s worth seeing the falls from the Argentine side of the Iguazu River. Walking trails lead through forests to lookouts offering close-up views, including a magnificent top-down view of Devil’s Throat.

Iguaçu Falls are a 20-minute drive from Foz do Iguaçu’s city center. Public buses travel frequently between the falls and city. If arriving by car, you can park for a fee in the large parking lot. To visit the Argentine side of the falls, catch a bus from the city’s main terminal to Puerto Iguazú. Remember to bring your passport and check visa requirements before traveling. Hotels also run day tours to the Argentine side of the waterfalls.

Visit Iguaçu Falls during the access hours of Parque Nacional do Iguaçu, which is open daily. Admission fees, complete opening hours and tour information are available on the park’s official website. There are separate admission fees for the Brazilian and Argentine sides of the falls and a customs stop between the countries.

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