Iguazú Falls

Follow trails around a wildlife-rich national park to discover a spectacular natural wonder consisting of some 275 waterfalls, including the thunderous Devil’s Throat.

Awe-inspiring, picturesque, fierce and humbling, Iguazú Falls is one of the world’s true natural treasures. Marvel at thundering waterfalls, feel the force of the cascading water on a speedboat ride and spot colorful wildlife. Iguazú Falls straddles a crescent-shaped gorge on the Iguazú River. The falls are the centerpiece of Parque Nacional Iguazú (Iguazú National Park) and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site spanning between Argentina and Brazil.

Discover the falls by following trails that wind through a verdant rainforest. Take the Circuito Inferior (Lower Circuit) to eight designated lookouts, including the impressive Dos Hermanas (Two Sisters) falls. Climb down a stairway to a small pier and catch a ferry to San Martin Island for panoramic views. Enjoy a thrilling speedboat ride directly beneath one of the waterfalls. 

Peer over the edge of the cascades and into the river below while walking along the Circuito Superior (Upper Circuit). Ride a small train to a boardwalk that leads to the roaring La Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). Marvel at the majestic power of this 262-foot (80-meter) tall cascade. Explore deep into the rainforest on the Sendero Macuco (Macuco Nature Trail) for a closer look at the flora and fauna. Keep watch for wildlife such as toucans, parrots, crocodiles and monkeys. 

If you have time, it’s worth seeing Iguazú Falls from the Brazilian side of the river. Boardwalks connect with observation decks and offer views of individual waterfalls, including La Garganta del Diablo. 

Iguazú Falls is about a 20-minute drive from Puerto Iguazú. Public buses run frequently between the town and the falls. There is a large parking lot at the falls’ visitor center. Visit the Brazilian side via taxi, or catch a bus from Puerto Iguazú’s main bus terminal. You’ll need your passport and any necessary visas to cross the border.

Iguazú Falls is open daily and there is an admission fee. Find the complete opening hours, admission fees and guided tour information on the falls’ official website.

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