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Known for Shopping, Dining and Cafes

Korea’s third-largest city is a fascinating mix of political history, modern shopping malls and entertainment districts, and remote outer islands. 

How do you get to Incheon?

The port city of Incheon has many facets. Visit the location where General MacArthur made the invasion that altered the destiny of the Korean War and the memorials and museums that honour him. Eat fresh fish on the tranquil outer islands and enjoy superb shopping and nightlife in the city’s lively centre.

As Korea’s major transport hub, Incheon has the country’s largest airport, an industrial seaport and major bus and train centres within the city limits. Many head straight to Seoul, located just 36 kilometres (22 miles) to the east, but at weekends Incheon is where Seoulites come to relax, shop and enjoy some fresh sea air.

Incheon is politically distinct from the capital, and is famously the location for the Incheon Landings in 1950. Locals are extremely proud of this and you’ll find a memorial statue of General Douglas MacArthur in Jayu Park. At the Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Hall, which is free to enter, peruse photographs that show what life was like at the time of the landings as well as military-themed photos. Next door to the memorial hall is the Incheon Metropolitan City Museum where you can learn more about the city’s history and take part in experiences such as traditional games and craft.

If you’re looking for designer shopping, excellent restaurants and lively nightlife then the central Bupyeong area is the place to go. Nearby you’ll find Jung-gu, home to Korea’s only Chinatown. Explore the markets and sample tasty food from the restaurants.

Take a trip to the Incheon Islands which lie just offshore. Two of the most popular are Yeongjong Island and Ganghwado Island, which has a famous market specialising in rush mats and ginseng.

A good subway system connects all of Incheon’s major sights and districts. If you can’t find a subway stop for where you want to go there will almost certainly be a bus, so you’ll never have problem getting around the city. Use the giant Northeast Asia Trade Tower, Korea’s tallest building, as a landmark.

Best neighborhoods to visit in Incheon

Things to do in Incheon

Find a pleasant oasis along the water in this large, bustling city. Canoe, ride a bike, relax on the lawn or visit rabbits and deer.

Explore the waterfront in Incheon with a trip to Port of Incheon. Wander the Chinatown and waterfront in the area.

Take incredible photos against the unmistakable background of this bridge, which is an architectural triumph that is stunning by night and by day. 

This wonderfully designed shopping complex is as great a place to wander or to sip coffee as it is to browse for the latest South Korean trends. 

Appreciate the gorgeous sea views from this well-maintained park, which is studded with a wide array of sculptures and statues. 

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