Lednice Castle

Tour the richly decorated rooms of a neo-Gothic chateau and stroll through its grounds, which encompass other fascinating buildings, lakes and islands.

Lednice Castle is a sumptuous chateau, a neo-Gothic masterpiece surrounded by lavish gardens. Once the summer home of a prominent aristocratic family, this grand structure is now a UNESCO-listed cultural site. Within its extensive grounds are a 19th-century greenhouse filled with tropical plants, an artificial ruin of a castle and a minaret.

The first castle to stand on this site was built in the 13th century. Today’s grandiose mansion dates back to the middle of the 19th century.

There are several guided tours of the castle and grounds. Explore rooms and halls decorated with period furniture and wallpaper. Visit the first floor halls, which were used for social events such as balls. Go up to the second floor to see the princely apartments and stop by the Puppet Museum. Inspect the display of marionettes. Children will love exploring the manmade grotto in the cellar, featuring stalactites and ghostly figures.

Wander through the elegant English-style gardens surrounding the castle, past lakes with manmade islands. Stroll around the greenhouse, which houses numerous exotic plant species. Stop by the large 19th-century Moorish minaret, also known as the Turkish Tower. Climb up the staircase to the observation balcony for superb views of the surrounding parkland.

Other noteworthy structures in the garden include a copy of a Roman aqueduct and John’s Castle, which is a fake ruin designed to resemble the remains of an old romantic castle. It used to be a lodge where the nobility would meet before a hunt.

Lednice Castle is situated in the village of Lednice, close to the South Moravian towns of Břeclav and Mikulov. There are several lots around the attraction where you can park for a fee. Castle opening days and hours change depending on the time of year, so consult the castle’s official website before you visit. Choose between several English language tour options covering different parts of the building and grounds. There are discounts for children, students and seniors.

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