Loro Parque

Watch exciting shows, walk through remarkable recreated natural habitats and encounter exotic wildlife at this popular animal park. 

Loro Parque attracts more than a million visitors every year with its outstanding animal attractions. With a name that means “Parrot Park” in Spanish, it’s no surprise that the park is best known for its diverse parrot species. Enjoy watching these colorful birds and visit an enormous penguin enclosure and long subterranean aquarium, both of which rank among the largest on the planet.

Explore the park’s aviary, a massive jungle-like setting with more than 350 different species of parrots. Walk along the bridges of the Katandra Treetops, a free flight aviary, where you can look for parrots in addition to dozens of other Australian and Asian bird species.

Don’t miss the impressive Penguin Planet, a man-made habitat that replicates the light and temperature conditions of the Antarctic. This glass enclosure encompasses a rocky peninsula surrounded by 21,000 cubic feet (600 cubic meters) of water. Over 26,000 pounds (12 tonnes) of new snow is deposited in the habitat each day. Try to spot the different species of penguins that call the enclosure home, including Humboldt, emperor and rockhopper.

Save time to watch one of the park’s live shows, which take place at regular times throughout the day. See dolphins, orcas, parrots and sea lions perform spectacular tricks under the guidance of trainers. 

Get a different perspective on the park’s marine life at the gigantic underground aquarium, which is divided into seven themed areas that represent various aquatic ecosystems. Look for piranhas, sharks, turtles and seahorses, as well as various corals and reef fish.

Be sure to see the park’s western lowland male gorillas, which comprise one of the largest groups in the world. The gorillas live in a habitat spanning 8 acres (3,200 square meters), equipped with vegetation, rocks and waterfalls that replicate their natural habitat.

Loro Parque is located 2.7 miles (4.5 kilometers) west of Puerto de la Cruz. Reach the park via a free train that departs regularly from Plaza Reyes Católicos. The site is open year-round and discounts are possible by purchasing a combined ticket with nearby Siam Park.

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