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Bourbon Street which includes street scenes, nightlife and a city
Experience the blend of cultures in this state that comes alive with the intoxicating combination of jazz, Creole cuisine and carnivals.

Louisiana is a state that lives up to its popular image of parties, mouthwatering food and the constant strains of lively music playing from welcoming bars. Experience a part of America that revels in the good life and invites all of its visitors to join them in it. Outside of its infectiously vibrant cities, discover atmospheric landscapes of wildlife-rich bayous and acres of rolling farmland.

Encounter a range of different cultural influences in the melting pot of Louisiana. French and Spanish settlers colonized here before it became a part of the U.S. with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Learn about the Creole people, a racially diverse group with their origins in the state’s international history.

Start your exploration of Louisiana in the pulsing, energetic city of New Orleans. Investigate the streets of the French Quarter on foot, soaking up a mixture of cultures and stopping at bars to enjoy live jazz music. Preservation Hall is one of the most popular and storied venues in the city for music and it hosts popular nightly performances.

Explore the state capital, Baton Rouge, which is packed with intriguing cultural museums that cover different facets of the state’s history. Visit River Road African American Museum, the Old State Capitol and the Louisiana Art and Science Museum for a complete picture of Louisiana.

Other cities such as Shreveport and Alexandria maintain Louisiana’s restless energy and unique culture. Head to Lafayette for total immersion in Creole and Cajun culture.

Escape the cities and travel to the serene and strange swamp known as the bayou, which carves up the landscape in southern Louisiana. The more than 20 state parks throughout Louisiana offer fishing, hiking, cycling and wildlife watching.

Most major cities in Louisiana have airports for quick access to the state, with Shreveport as a hub in the north and New Orleans in the south. Winter and spring are the best times to visit the state. Come between February and May to join throngs of visitors traveling to take part in the state’s world-famous festival season.

Where to stay in Louisiana

French Quarter which includes street scenes, a city and heritage architecture

French Quarter

4.5/5(9,221 area reviews)

Historic buildings and lively atmosphere entice tourists and locals alike, offering live music, street performances, and vibrant nightlife. Must-see spots include Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, and Café du Monde.

French Quarter
Canal Street showing a city and street scenes

New Orleans Central Business District

4.5/5(8,219 area reviews)

Dynamic and mixed-use, this neighborhood boasts professional offices, historic buildings, and numerous restaurants and clubs. Explore museums like the National WWII Museum and Ogden Museum of Southern Art, or visit Harrah's Casino and Piazza d'Italia.

New Orleans Central Business District
Garden District featuring flowers, a house and a garden

Garden District

5/5(40 area reviews)

Well-preserved historic mansions and striking architecture define this area. Explore Colonel Short's Villa, George Washington Cable House, and Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, or shop at The Rink, with easy streetcar access on St. Charles Avenue.

Garden District
St Louis Cemetery