Lu Xun Park

Experience Chinese literary culture, visit an aquarium and stroll along the waterfront of Qingdao’s beautiful wooded parkland on the shore of Quigan Bay.

The waterfront Lu Xun Park is one of the most picturesque spots in Qingdao. It commemorates the eponymous writer and revolutionary, a towering figure of 20th-century Chinese literature. Learn more about his work as you stroll through the pleasant green space, then visit underwater creatures in the park’s aquarium.

Lu Xun was an anti-imperialist writer who rose to prominence in the early 20th century, and was considered for nomination for the Nobel Prize in Literature for one of his short stories. Stop by many of the sculptures to the literary hero that are dotted throughout the park. See examples of his work on the long stretch of wall that extends for almost 250 feet (76 meters) and is engraved with his handwritten poetry. Visit his tomb and the small museum dedicated to his life.

Amble along the tranquil pathways that wind by the rocky shoreline of Qingdao Bay. Paths also lead through the woodland areas. Walk over to Small Qingdao Island, notable for its stunning natural beauty, fruit trees, small lighthouse and pavilions.

On your return, head over to the park’s small boating lake and rent a paddle boat. After your trip on the water, explore the environment below the surface at Qingdao Aquarium, also within the park. This is one of the oldest aquariums in China and it houses thousands of underwater creatures. See octopus, crabs, sea turtles, sharks, corals and much more. There are also examples of endangered species on show. Walk through the underwater tunnel and check out the huge skeleton of a whale.

Lu Xun Park is situated on Quigan Bay and is served by several bus routes. It is open every day from early morning until early evening. Admission is free, however, there is a fee to visit the aquarium. Once you have explored the park and its attractions, go next door to the soft sands of Qingdao Number 1 Bathing Beach and enjoy a swim in the sea.

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