At this park with scale models you can see all the important places in the Netherlands, and admire the country’s groundbreaking designs, in just hours.

Visit the miniature park called Madurodam to direct planes at Schiphol airport, operate model cranes in Rotterdam harbor or wander through scaled down versions of the finest cities in the Netherlands. In the process, you’ll learn about some of the achievements the entrepreneurial Dutch have made.

Madurodam opened in 1952 and proudly displays miniature versions of Dutch inventions and designs. Hundreds of 1:25 scale models fill the huge park and interactive exhibits and educational movies keep the whole family engaged.

Make your way to the first of the three main areas: WaterRijk (Rich in Water) covers the theme of water as a friend and foe. Visit the Delta Works, see Hansje Brinker and browse the V.O.C. exhibit to discover how this low-lying nation has conquered the seas and reclaimed their land. V.O.C. stands for Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie or, more commonly, the Dutch East India Company.

Make your way around the StedenRijk (Rich in Cities) to explore some of the country’s finest architecture. Wander the replicated streets of Amsterdam, The Hague and other Dutch cities and see tiny costumed dolls visiting the cheese markets in their clogs, cycle past the canals and over cobble streets, work in wind mills or stand before palaces.

Find a world of Dutch inspiration in the final area, known as VindingRijk (Rich in Inventions). This section focuses on major Dutch successes. Discover how this tiny nation has influenced architectural styles, water management, sports and design on a global scale. 

Children can run around on the Wadden Sea Playground before refueling in the Taste of Holland Restaurant. Try Dutch specialties such as poffertjes (small fluffy pancakes) and stroopwafels (crisp waffles with a syrup filing).

The Madurodam miniature park is open daily, with longer hours in summer. Children pay less than adults and you can get a discount by buying tickets online. The park is located in between Scheveningen Beach and the center of The Hague. Consider traveling to the park by city tram or bus as the daily fee for parking on-site will add a considerable cost to your visit.

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