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Mamaia Beach featuring a pebble beach and general coastal views
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Meander past deck chairs and umbrellas to reach the lively bars, souvenir shops and a waterpark on this sandy strip.

The popular Romanian resort area of Mamaia Beach lies on a narrow band of land between Lake Siutghiol and the Black Sea. This beach attracts families with kids as well as young revelers. Ride the cable car from one side to the other for a comprehensive view of the resort in its entirety.

Lie on a sun lounger and enhance your tan, before cooling off in the sea. Parents tend to relax in the heat, while the kids play sports and comb the beach for treasures. Get involved in watersports and play volleyball on the sand. Enjoy the lively ambiance, with music blaring from various bars facing the sea.

Go scuba diving, sailing or paragliding with one of the area tour operators. Take the kids to Aqua Magic Mamaia waterpark for its slides, inflatables and pools.

Purchase souvenirs and necessities from the row of shops behind the beach. Dine at a restaurant in the shade.

The thin stretch of land between the lake and the sea has a width of just 980 feet (300 meters). Capture photos of the picturesque strip from the cable car that soars above it. Walk along the whole 5-mile (8-kilometer) beach, from north to south.

A family setting by day, the resort takes on a rambunctious quality at night. Dance at a club until the early morning hours and stroll along the beach to watch the sunrise.

The area is busiest during the hot weather from June to mid-September. It is quiet in winter, as there are very few permanent residents. Select from the range of lodgings, from inexpensive hostels and campsites to private clubs and five-star giants lining the shore overlooking the sea.

Mamaia Beach is 5 miles (8 kilometers) north along the coast from the center of Constanta. The RATC bus service takes passengers from the city to the resort area. The cable car is also a popular method of transportation, along a 1.2-mile (2-kilometer) aerial path at 160 feet (50 meters) above the ground. Pay a small fee to drive your car into the region.

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