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View a range of architectural styles and rare 16th-century artwork when you visit this stunning cathedral in Morelia's Central Plaza.

The domes, cupolas and towers of the Morelia Cathedral dominate the city’s skyline. Marvel at the cathedral’s distinct architectural styles and admire the sculptures, paintings and stonework within.

The magnificent Morelia Cathedral covers two blocks in the city center. Work started on the building in 1660, but it was not finished until 1744. Due to the length of time it took to complete, a range of architectural styles were used in the cathedral’s grand design. You can see Herreresque, Baroque and neoclassical elements as you explore this fascinating structure. Often hailed as the most beautiful of all Mexico’s cathedrals, it is also the only one in the country orientated to the east rather than the north.

Whichever way you approach the cathedral, you will see its two enormous towers. These stand 230 feet (70.1 meters) high and feature square, Herreresque-style bases with ornate, neoclassical spires. Notice the light-pink hue of the cathedral’s stonework and the intricate statues and carvings in the façade. Stay until after dark to see the towers and tiled domes spectacularly lit up against the night sky.

Step inside the cathedral to discover a predominantly neoclassical interior and make your way through leather-covered doors to the sacristy. See the cathedral’s fine collection of artwork. As well as 16th-century paintings, you’ll find a large sculpture of Christ. A gift to the city from King Felipe II of Spain, the sculpture was made from corn paste and istopped with a gold crown. Explore to the left of the cathedral to discover the ornate gold-and-silver baptistery, which dates back to the 18th century.

Visit the cathedral on a Saturday night to see a spectacular fireworks display lighting up the sky above the domes. The most spectacular of these is in November, for the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Morelia Cathedral is located on the Central Plaza and can be easily accessed on foot or by public transport. There is no admission fee. The cathedral may become crowded on weekends or holidays.

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