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See great and small creatures at Russia’s largest zoo, which can entertain both children and adults for many hours.

Moscow Zoo has more than 5,000 animals, so it really has something for everyone. Whether you are a fan of butterflies, bears, leopards or llamas, get close to these magnificent animals and learn more about them.

The brainchild of Professor A.P. Bogadanov, the zoo was established in 1864. At its height of popularity, 200,000 people came here annually to see its animals, which included lions and tigers. At the beginning of the 20th century, it fell into disrepair. Battles took place here during the 1905 Russian Revolution. Following a period of decline under Soviet rule, the zoo underwent a series of renovations in 1991, 1997 and 2014. Now visit this pleasant place to view more than 750 different species.

Look for the zoo’s distinctive entrance, which was built to commemorate Moscow’s 850th anniversary in 1997. As you enter the zoo, note the rustic stonework and quaint towers, which give it the appearance of a mythical castle made of rock. Come through its doors to see the myriad animals inside. Big attractions close to the entrance include subterranean viewing platforms that allow you to watch penguins and sea lions frolicking in the water.

See the incredible endangered Far Eastern leopards. Just dozens of these natural inhabitants of Russia, China and Korea remain in the wild. Other big cats held here include the rare white tiger and the Siberian tiger, another native Russian animal. Both polar bears and brown bears live inside the zoo too. Watch these creatures from a safe vantage point.

The zoo’s special facilities and activities will interest younger visitors. Come to the petting zoo and see baby chicks crack open their shells. Learn more about Russian fairy tales here, many of which feature chicken, cats and goats in leading roles.

The Moscow Zoo has an entrance fee. Reach the area via the metro to Barrikadnaya station. The zoo is open every day except Mondays.

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