Dramatic cliffs, cascading waterfalls and tranquil glacial water makes this UNESCO-protected site an idyllic place to cruise, hike and kayak.

Admire peaks that rise out of crystal-clear water, marvel at forest-clad mountain slopes, spot pretty waterfalls and look for colorful marine wildlife at Naeroyfjord. Experience the natural beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site from the comfort of a cruise, on a kayak tour and on foot.

Naeroyfjord is 11.2 miles (18 kilometers) long and about 820.2 feet (250 meters) across at its narrowest point. It is one arm of Norway’s longest fjord, Sognefjord, and inspired scenes for the Disney movie Frozen.

Naeroyfjord is a year-round attraction. Gaze up at the snow-capped peaks and see frozen waterfalls in winter. During the summer months, the hills bloom with vivid shades of green. Even when it rains, a journey through the fjord is a wonderful experience. Clouds cling to the cliffs and the sound of the rushing waterfalls echoes all around.

A great way to see the fjord is on a cruise. Sit back, relax and appreciate the striking landscapes as you glide along the fjord’s channel. Adventurous visitors might want to travel by kayak, either on a self-guided tour or part of a guided expedition. Paddle to remote beaches, swim in the fjord and stay overnight at waterfront campsites. Boat trips depart regularly from the harbors at Flåm and Gudvangen. You can also rent kayaks and organize guided tours at each of these locales.

Several marked trails lead up to the mountaintop lookouts at Beitelen and Rimstigen. Walk the Royal Post Road, a scenic route that skirts the fjord’s shores between Bleiklindi and Styvi.

Whether you are navigating the area on foot or across the water, try and spot numerous examples of the local wildlife. Among the animals that can be seen here are deer, dolphins, seals, gulls and arctic foxes.

Naeroyfjord is in the middle of Fjord Norway in the western part of the country. There are several routes into the area, including bus, train and car from the cities of Bergen and Oslo.

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