Investigate the inner workings of the world’s news media and create your own headlines at this engrossing museum.  

Browse the daily headlines of 80 of the world’s newspapers, delve into the history of journalism and play the roving reporter at Washington’s Newseum. You’ll find a wealth of activities in this six-level collection of high-tech and interactive exhibits, including a 4-D time-travel experience, state-of-the-art broadcast studios, and fascinating galleries that explore the history of how we receive our news.  

No city in America is more attuned to the news media than Washington, where domestic and international events shape — and are shaped by — decisions made in the capital. This innovative museum blends fives centuries of world news with modern technology in 15 exhibit galleries .  The Today’s Front Pages exhibit lets you compare how daily news is reported around the globe, and the Time Warner World News Gallery examines freedom of the press in over 190 countries and the challenges faced by journalists of different cultures and nationalities.

You’ll find much more than words here. The 15 theaters present a visual feast with constantly changing screenings, performances, discussions and lectures. Check out the Documentary Theater, and if sports are more your thing, don’t miss the Sports Theater, which presents a 25-minute documentary on some of the most famous moments from world sporting news. Photographers and novices will appreciate the powerful images of Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalists from over the years, including the largest sections of the Berlin Wall held anywhere outside Germany.

If the exhibits inspire you to try your hand at journalism, check out the hands-on exhibits. In the Interactive Newsroom you become a reporter, with a limited time to create your story. At the Bancroft Family Ethics Center, pit your wits against 11 other visitors, answering a range of challenging questions as you put together a front page. 

It’s easy to spend an entire morning or afternoon at the Newseum, which is open daily. Be aware that some exhibits are not suitable for children younger than 12.

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