North Cape

The famous cape on the island of Magerøya is known for its tall jagged cliff with viewing areas and a range of excellent facilities for visitors.

Look over the immense Arctic Ocean from North Cape’s cliff plateau. Discover seabirds, including puffins and sea eagles. Spot otters, weasels and hares in the wilderness. North Cape features a tourist center that is open year-round, with exhibits examining the region’s ecology and North Cape as a traveler destination.

Watch a short film about the cape’s four seasons and ecosystem at the center’s cinema. In the summer months you may also see majestic reindeer grazing in the mountain plateau. Notice the large globe monument, constructed in late 20th century, near the cliff lookout. The globe has since become a symbol for the cape.

Learn about the arctic blue winter at the center’s unique panoramic cinema. Unlike many other cinemas, films are projected onto a wide-screen panoramic canvas, adding physical depth to the experience. Watch remarkable short films about the golden summers and the midnight sun phenomenon.

See the breathtaking northern lights in the winter and the sun rising at midnight in the summer. North Cape is famous for dramatic contrasts in light, with perpetual sunlight through most of the summer and darkness in the winter. During the northern lights, the sky appears to explode in a dazzling symphony of colors and patterns.

Stand on the cliff’s plateau and admire the seemingly endless Arctic Ocean. The plateau rises about 1,000 feet (300 meters) above sea level and provides astonishing views of the ocean and surrounding natural areas. Notice the treeless plains of the winding coast and snow-covered mountains in the winter.

Dine at a restaurant with exceptional views of the mountains in North Cape Hall. This facility also includes a coffee shop, bar and souvenir store. Accommodations are available in the nearby fishing community, Honningsvåg. The cape is located about 21 miles (33 kilometers) from the center of Honningsvåg. The visitor center is open every day of the year. Check the official North Cape website for information on entrance fees, exhibits and special events.

North Cape is famous for its magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean, natural phenomena and visitor facilities.

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