Attend a party or music concert beside this giant white curved structure which has a shape that emulates the mast of a ship.

The tall icon of Costinesti, the Obelisk has curved white columns rising above the beach and can be seen for miles. Its height of 61 feet (18 meters) has made it a popular gathering point for vacationers. This prominent spot holds many events, competitions and music gigs. Despite its name, its shape is not typical for obelisks, which usually consist of a single column topped with a pyramid.

Admire the intricate lines of the structure, resembling the mast of a ship. It has six symmetrical columns. The inner pair are the straightest and tallest and the outer two pair are curved and shorter, attached to the structure’s midpoint.

Visit the beach at sunset to see the white structure against the moody red sky. From other parts of the beach look toward the Obelisk to see its unusual shape illuminated at night. It has become an iconic part of Costinesti’s skyline. Swim in the Black Sea and use the Obelisk as a marker to find your friends and family.

Stay at one of the many guesthouses, villas and hotels in this popular resort area. Watch one of the concerts that take place throughout the year when a stage is set up beside the Obelisk.

The site’s predecessor was constructed here in 1970, but floods in the region destroyed it and buried it beneath rubble. A year later, this larger and stronger structure was built.

It is said that the mud from the adjoining Lake Costinesti has healing properties. Purchase samples from vendors and apply it to your body. Enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants nearby and dance at a club in the evening.

The Obelisk is on Costinesti Beach on the eastern coast of the city. It stands in front of Lake Costinesti and its park is slightly south of the beach’s center. Cross one of the two bridges over the lake from the north to reach the large structure.

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