Ovid Square

Marvel at the 19th-century statue of Ovid, a poet exiled to Constanta centuries ago, in this large plaza with a view of the sea.

Dedicated to a Roman author, Ovid Square is a popular gathering point at the heart of the city’s Old Town. Emperor Augustus banished the poet to the former town of Tomis, now Constanta, in A.D. 8. Meet friends in this nucleus of the city before exploring the main attractions.

Gaze up at the impressive statue of Ovid that looms over the square. It contains a plaque explaining his story. He lived his final nine years in the ancient city of Tomis, writing letters to the emperor about his sadness to be so far from Rome. Admire the details of the statue, which show Ovid wearing robes and standing in a pensive pose. It is said he was buried under this square. See the statue at night, with lovely illumination.

Enjoy the relaxing ambiance of this spacious setting. Sit on a bench with a view of the Black Sea. Pebbles decorate the benches, which have intriguing designs and surround the central statue. The square’s central location makes it an ideal base to plan your day before browsing the many museums and landmarks in the Old Town.

Marvel at the impressive structure that holds the Museum of National History and Archeology. Note the wide portal and three tall arched windows in the gray center of the façade. To either side are pale yellow towers with red peaks. This building was once home to the City Hall.

Enter the museum, which continues the plaza’s Roman theme with its historic artifacts. Peruse the various items on display from Roman and Greek dynasties.

Ovid Square is about 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) east of the center of Constanta. Many of the city’s main attractions, such as the Roman Building of Mosaics and the Great Mahmudiye Mosque, surround the plaza in the Old Town. Find a parking space along the side of the square. It is not pedestrianized, so you can drive very close to the statue for a detailed inspection.

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