Peles Castle

Tour this enchanting neo-Renaissance castle to see one of Romania’s grandest royal residences, complete with European architecture, armor exhibits and striking imperial relics.

Journey into a lavish world of art and history at Peles Castle, one of Romania’s most stunning royal residences. Explore roomy interiors adorned with statues, portraits, armory displays and themed decorations.

Peles Castle was built at the turn of the 20th century after King Carol I fell in love with the dramatic mountainous terrain of the region. This palatial alpine house was converted into a museum and has become one of the Carpathian region’s most popular tourist destinations.

Admire the exquisite castle exterior, which combines elegant Italian styles with elements of German Renaissance buildings. This harmonious design of spired towers, latticed stonework and gorgeous verandas was conceived by the architects Carol Benesch and Johannes Schultz.

Explore within to find Baroque-influenced hallways decorated with heavy wooden balustrades and delicate fabrics. Discover 170 rooms in the building, including several that have themes dedicated to cultures around the world. Enter the Florentine, Turkish or French rooms to spot designs from each culture.

The castle holds a collection of over 2,000 artworks spanning four centuries of history. Admire statues, paintings and furniture adorning each room, including several portraits of King Carol I. Near the main entrance, notice a statue of the king, which was sculpted by Romanelli.

Inspect the rich walnut furniture and alabaster sculptures of the Honor Hall, a majestic ballroom. Head to the Grand Armory to browse a 1,600-piece collection of weaponry, including halberds and lances. The castle also features a 60-seat theater and an imperial suite, where you’ll see a 500-year old leather wall cover.

Find a peaceful atmosphere in the castle courtyard, which is decorated with exquisite murals and timber hatching. Take a romantic stroll along the marble paths of the castle gardens, passing lion statues and fountains on your way.

Drive to Peles Castle, which is located along the banks of the Prahova River just north from Sinaia. The castle is only accessible with a guided tour for a fee. Peles Castle is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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