Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences

Learn about the mysterious human genome and about cutting-edge space research at this interactive science museum.

Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences is an exceptional museum dedicated to helping people of all ages understand science through hands-on exhibits. Watch baby chicks hatch, experience electricity generation and learn about climate change, surveillance technology and a number of other compelling topics.

Opened in 2000, the museum was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava in the form of a whale’s skeleton. The motto, "Forbidden not to touch, not to feel, and not to think," reflects its philosophy of hands-on learning. Exhibits are spread over 280,000 square feet (26,000 square meters) across three floors.

On the first floor, find the Exploratorium, which aims to reproduce and explain various scientific phenomena. There’s also the 49-foot-high (15-meter) DNA sculpture, as well as the Foucault Pendulum hanging from the top of the building. At 111 feet (34 meters) long, this is one of the longest pendulums in the world. 

Head to the second floor to see the The Legacy of Science, which explores the research of three Nobel prize winners: Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Severo Ochoa and Jean Dausset. Be sure to see the Chromosome Forest on the third floor. This space is dedicated to Watson and Crick’s milestone discovery of DNA’s structure in the 1950s. The exhibit features 23 pairs of large-scale chromosome models, each of which includes an interactive module about the function of a specific set of genes. 

Don’t miss the Zero Gravity exhibition, created in conjunction with the European Space Agency (ESA). See a number of mesmerizing images taken by the Hubble space telescope during its 20 years in orbit and learn about ESA’s current and upcoming space missions. Look for any temporary exhibits that may be taking place during your visit; these are typically displayed on the third floor. 

Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences is part of Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences, located southeast of the town center. Opening hours vary by day of week and time of year, so it’s best to check in advance. Obtain a discount by purchasing a combination pass that also includes admission to the Hemispheric IMAX and the Oceanogràfic Aquarium.

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