Royal Castle

A former royal residence, this stately building is now home to a fine collection of historic artwork and furniture.

The Royal Castle is a grand brick building, regarded in its prime as one of Europe’s greatest royal residences. A careful reconstruction of the 14th-century original, the building now houses the fascinating Castle Museum. Take a tour through the ornate apartments of Poland's last monarch King Stanisław and admire the castle’s exquisite furnishings and artwork.

The castle was established in the 14th century as a stronghold for the dukes of Mazovia and was later expanded in the 17th century to become the royal residence of Poland’s kings. It was home to the tsars and then became the seat of Polish parliament, before being destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising. Although the building you see today is a reconstruction, many of the furnishings inside are original. Notice the round spires decorating both sides of the castle’s brick façade, a common feature in Polish architecture.

Sign up for a Castle Tour, which covers the highlights of the king’s apartments and chambers. Look at the striking ceiling painting in the Great Assembly Hall of the castle’s Great Apartment. Entitled The Disentanglement of Chaos, the painting is a recreation of the original work by Marcello Bacciarelli. The hall’s beautiful gilded stucco work incorporates fragments of the original.

Head to the gorgeous Canaletto Room to see an important collection of 18th-century paintings by Bernardo Bellotto, who was also known as Canaletto. Featuring detailed depictions of Warsaw in the 1700s, these paintings served as important references when the city worked to rebuild its historic monuments and buildings after World War II.

Attend one of the classic music concerts that regularly take place in the castle’s courtyard and Great Ballroom. The concerts are inspired by the chamber music that was once a tradition at the royal court.

The Royal Castle is located on Castle Square at the northern end of Krakowskie Przedmiescie.

Walk here from nearby tram and metro stops. The castle is open daily, but the exact hours vary so it’s best to check schedules before your visit. There is an admission fee.

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