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Visit Oregon’s capital to discover its roots and explore itsparklands. Climb to the top of the State Capitol Building to seethe city from above.

Tucked away within the Willamette Valley, Salem is a nature-lover’s delight. The humble capital of Oregon is a historic city,originally founded as an agricultural community in the first half of the 19th century. It has been the state capital since1859.

See the dozens of significant buildings in the historic downtownprecinct, including the towering State Capitol Building, cappedby a “Gold Man.” Green parks line Salem’s streets and walkingtrails traverse the city.

Check into a downtown hotel to be close to the action or enjoythe serenity provided by the outskirts of town. Explore thehistoric downtown precinct on foot to get to know the localculture.

Climb to the peak of the State Capitol Building on a sunny dayfor sweeping views across the valley. Take a photograph of the giant Oregon Pioneer statue, or the “Gold Man,” that sits at the top, as itglistens in the Oregon sun.

The downtown precinct is a great place to purchase freshproduce from Oregon’s farmers. A number of delis and marketscan be found in the area, alongside restaurants, cafés and bars.Take a picnic to Bush’s Pasture Park, the large urban park thatsprawls southward from State Capitol Plaza. Farther afield, findthe walking trails and natural beauty of Willamette MissionState Park.

Venture outside the city limits for more natural beauty. Reach Silver Falls and the Cascade Mountains within an hour by car. Oregon’s picturesque wine country is even closer. Spend a day sampling the state’s renowned pinot noir and pinot gris wines and take a bottle home to have with dinner.

Arrive in the city via Portland, less than an hour to the north, orEugene, just over an hour south. Both are major transportation hubswith international airports and interstate railway stations. Rent acar during your stay in the city so you can delve into the richnatural beauty of Oregon’s heartland, just a short drive away.

Where to stay in Salem

Creepy, "Silent Hill" type factory town in center Oregon. Or maybe I just play too many video games.

Southeast Salem

4/5(157 area reviews)

While Southeast Salem isn't home to many top sights, Honeywood Winery and Oregon State Capitol are some notable places to visit nearby.

Southeast Salem
Salem featuring a garden

Central Area

If you're spending some time in Central Area, Elsinore Theater and Oregon State Capitol are top sights worth seeing.

Central Area
Great place to get your pork belly and truffle shoestring fries with blue cheese fix!


West Salem

4.5/5(28 area reviews)

When in West Salem, you can plan a visit to Sale