Sempione Park (Parco Sempione)

The largest park in the city can be seen from above by climbing the Branca Tower, or enjoyed at ground level with a relaxing picnic.

The picturesque gardens and numerous cultural monuments of Milan’s 116-acre (47-hectare) city park attract locals and tourists looking to escape the busy city streets. Sempione Park lies near Milan’s historic center and is one of the largest green areas in the city. Enjoy the garden’s sprawling grassy areas, its shady trees and the large pond at its center. The 19th-century Arch of Peace can be seen from across the park, while the Torre Branca (Branca Tower) offers panoramic views across the city.

Bring a picnic and spend the day at Sempione Park. Follow the winding paths that lead through the park and you’ll discover the shady, hidden areas that Milan’s locals have come to love. In summer, huge trees provide a welcome escape from the Italian heat. Walk the bridge that crosses the center of the park as you move toward the monuments that make Sempione Park such a popular attraction.

Climb Torre Branca, the 354-foot (108-meter) tower within the park. From the viewing platform at 318 feet (97 meters) you’ll have one of the best views across Milan. Look across the park to the historic center to see the Duomo rising above the city.

Back on the ground you’ll find the Arch of Peace, an important historical monument that predates the park itself. Built in 1807, the arch is one of the gates of the city, built on the site of ancient Roman walls. Continue through the park to reach the Arena Civica. This arena was opened by Napoleon in the early 19th century and today hosts soccer, rugby and other athletic events.

Sempione Park is located near the historic center of Milan, but can be reached easily by metro or tram. Visitors arriving by car will find plenty of parking in the area for a small fee. The park is open daily and there is no fee for admission.

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