Shimla Mall

Explore this historic street in the heart of Shimla to shop for local produce, eat tasty local and international food and view colonial architecture. 

Shimla Mall is a vibrant strip in the centre of town, where you can find bazaars, restaurants and colonial buildings. Admire the Victorian architecture of buildings like the Gaiety Cultural Heritage Centre. Haggle for locally made jewellery or pottery at the markets and dine on food from all over the world. 

Built by the British in colonial times, Shimla Mall is the town’s main street and the centre of all major tourist and commercial activity. It is closed to vehicles, making it a safe place to walk and browse the shops. 

Start at the eastern end of the road near Barnes Court. Stop in at the numerous craft and antique shops and search for local treasures. Find locally made pottery, jewellery and woollen clothes as well as some stunning antique furniture. Make sure you haggle for a bargain. Browse bookstores and take some time to people-watch in this buzzing area.

Stop for lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants located along the mall. Enjoy a cup of chai with a spicy local curry. If you want to taste something from further afield, you can also find it here, with Italian and Chinese among the many cuisines on offer. 

Don’t miss the different attractions along the street. The Gaiety Cultural Heritage Centre contains one of the oldest theatres in Asia, while the Kali Bari temple is a stunning Hindu place of worship. Continue west along the road and you will reach Scandal Point, so named because of a supposed affair between the Maharajah of Patiala and the daughter of the Viceroy of India. This is the end of the road and has superb views across the mountain ranges beyond. 

Shimla Mall is located in the heart of Shimla and is a lively place to be on any day of the year. It is just as enjoyable in the evenings, when crowds bustle beneath the lights and the smells of street food fill the air.

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