Silver Cascade

Gaze in wonder at the rushing water of this attractive waterfall and spot troops of monkeys playing on the rocks.

In a town blessed with stunning natural scenery, Silver Cascade is one of Kodaikanal’s most popular attractions. Here, watch shimmering water flowing down a 180-foot-tall (55-meter) cliff and monkeys playing mischievously on slippery rocks. Silver Cascade is the result of excess water that flows from Kodaikanal Lake. It takes its name from the silver-colored appearance of the water, which glistens in the bright sunshine.

Stand on the viewing platform that faces the waterfall and watch the clear water spilling into a pool. Check out the rugged rock formations and verdant foliage that flank either side of the cliff. The platform is a great vantage point for taking photos so have your camera ready. Cross the road to see a more tranquil waterfall, which flows beneath a bridge.

While here you’ll have the chance to see monkeys jumping across the rocks and splashing around in the water. Watch as they impishly search for food brought by the locals and tourists. Purchase light snacks and refreshments from the street vendors located close to the waterfall. Sip on fresh coconut milk or try a corn cob smothered with a lime and chili dressing. You’ll also find hawkers who sell hats, handicrafts and jewelry, among other items.

The cascade is about a 15-minute drive from the town center of Kodaikanal. It’s easily accessible via auto-rickshaws, public buses and taxis. Alternatively, the waterfall is about a 90-minute walk from Kodaikanal Lake and passes the town’s hilly tree-lined roads.

Silver Cascade is impressive year-round. The water is especially powerful during the monsoon season, which occurs approximately from June to September.

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