Taganga Beach

Over just a few decades, this charming fishing village has grown into a traveler’s oasis with restaurants, nightclubs and a picturesque beach.

Several decades ago, Taganga was a sleepy fishing village. Now, it attracts travelers from Colombia and the rest of the world with its cool breezes, mountainous landscape and proximity to Tayrona National Park. The small area is nestled beside the cliffs of the Caribbean coast. The village is a hotspot for scuba diving and sunbathing and has an animated nightlife. Enjoy one of the many restaurants and bars in Taganga or find a company to arrange a tour of the national park.

Relax with the family on Taganga’s white-sand beach and swim in the warm, clear water. Play volleyball on the sand. The shoreline offers many restaurants; have lunch outside one to enjoy ocean views. Sample fresh fish and seafood. Be sure you drink enough water during your time in the sun.

Snorkel in the ocean for a closer look at colorful Caribbean fish. Arrange scuba diving with one of the companies scattered around the small village. Travel with the dive centers to tour a private beach or Tayrona National Park. 

Dance at one of the nightclubs along the coast. Several Americanized bars play popular hits from back home. You can also find salsa bars and clubs with reggaeton music a little farther in from the coast. Hostels and hotels with swimming pools and air conditioning are scattered throughout the village.

Access to ATMs is extremely limited in Taganga. Make sure to withdraw cash for your stay before your arrival. However, try not to carry a lot of money on your person. Keep it in a safe in your accommodations. You may need to take a trip back to Santa Marta, where there are plenty of ATMs. 

Taganga is located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, just north of the city of Santa Marta. Take a 2.6-mile (4.2-kilometer) taxi journey around picturesque cliffs with panoramic ocean views from Santa Marta to Taganga. Tayrona National Park, which is one of the most scenic parts of Colombia, is a half-hour bus ride northeast. Organize your journey with a dive center or tour operator in Taganga or Santa Marta.

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